About AAI Foresight

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AAI Foresight is guided by the principle that the issues facing government, business, foundations, associations, nonprofits and other institutions are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. AAI Foresight provides issues identification and tracking, strategic planning, organizational development, messaging, marketing, technological assessment, and strategic services for a broad range of clients. This has included both domestic and international clients in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, defense, metal extraction, economic development and manufacturing fields.

AAI projects have included: marketing strategy and marketing audits; mission development, planning and execution; competition research; strategic planning; training management in numerous organizations to identify technological, human resources and legal trends; development of secondary education curriculums in math, history, and the sciences; and extensive market research in the financial services and electric power arenas.

AAI Foresight was founded by Timothy C. Mack, Esq.

AAI Associates

  • Dr. Renee Cherow O’Leary: Education for the 21st Century: Children’s Television Workshop; Columbia Teacher’s College; Harvard Univ.; NYU View CV
  • Vary Coates, Assoc. Dir. Policy Studies in Science and Technology, GWU; VP, J.F.Coates Inc. Office of Technology Assessment, US Congress. View Bio
  • Brenda Cooper: CIO, City of Kirkland, WA; author of five successful science fiction novels
  • Cornelia Daheim, Founder, Future Impacts Consulting, Koln, Germany. Chair, German Node, The Millenium Project.
  • Kaat Exterbille, Brussels, Belgium. Specialist in strategic foresight, plus corporate and public sector communications.
  • Fabienne Goux-Baudiment: proGective; Institute of Science & Technology for Engineers
  • Dr. Lane Jennings: Fulbright Scholar; Managing Editor, World Future Review
  • Wendy McGuinness, founder and CEO, McGuinness Institute, which focuses on the long-term future of New Zealand and a Fellow Chartered Accountant, specializing in risk management. View CV
  • Mylena Pierremont: Ming Pai Consulting; SVP, Royal Philips BV; SVP, Benckiser-Coty; Procter & Gamble. View Bio
  • Ramez Naam: Microsoft Corp.; Apex Nanotechnology; successful author of numerous policy and science fiction works.
  • Carol Rieg, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Strategic work in public and private sector on legistlative, education and financial issues, CEO of Rieg and Associates. View CV
  • Stephen A. Schwartz: The Schwartz Review; CNO; National Geographic
  • Dr. David Pearce Snyder: Consulting Futurist, fmr. SPO, IRS; RAND Corp.
  • Sue Snyder: President/CEO of The Knowledge Network LLC, a strategic media scanning and performance improvement company.
  • Cynthia Wagner, former Editor, The Futurist
  • Lise Voldeng, CEO, ultra agent industries inc. The Ultra Agent companies work as an umbrella for a family of creative, consulting, marketing, gaming and incubation project entities.


Direct phone: 202-431-1652

Direct Email: tcmack333@gmail.com

Mailing Address: Timothy C. Mack, AAI Foresight, 1619 Main Street #1172, Freeland, WA 98249