Foresight Reports

IT Revolution, Aerospace, and Society

The convergence of major ongoing technology revolutions has multiplying effects. The information technology revolution enabled subsequent technology revolutions to develop and spread: The world is avowedly technologically “flat.” This paper explores the major technology revolutions— IT, biologics, nano, quantum, and energetics—their implications for aerospace research and space exploration, and their impacts on society at large. By Dennis M. Bushnell

A World on Fire

Megafires are on the rise worldwide, due not only to climate change but also to approaches to combatting fires that paradoxically increase their likelihood. A panel of futurists and two wildfire professionals convened to analyze the complex, interconnected trends in wildland fires in the context of three different scenarios for the decades ahead. They concluded that wildfire managers and the communities they serve need a new approach for managing future fire risk, one that entails more resilience and a less combative relationship with nature. By Robert L. Olson and David N. Bengston.

The Future of Retail Marketing

Retailers globally are facing a range of challenges: new competition, new consumers with new values and demands, and new technologies that both simplify and complicate business operations. Success in the future retail landscape will require creativity, flexibility, and a laser-focus attention to what current and prospective customers want. By Timothy C. Mack